April 30, 2008

french fries

we made french fries for lunch today and decided we should let cole try one out. i guess he isn't too ready for finger foods yet. he held the fry in his mouth for awhile, then it broke in half in his mouth. cole just sat there with the fry sitting in the middle of his mouth grunting about it. i ended up needing to break the fry up into tiny pieces for him. fries aren't as easy to pick up as puffs so i had to help him, but he loved them. he was helping me to feed him quicker!

April 27, 2008

ducky game

yesterday we went to the maple festival with our mommy and baby friends. it was such a great day to be out and walking around. unfortunately the festival was pretty small and not very exciting. they had some rides and games , so we played the ducky game. for those of you who don't know the ducky game, its set up like a pond and there are plastic ducks, with colors on the bottom, that move around the pond in a circle. you have to grab the ducks until you get a match. it has always been my favorite game and even though it is VERY dorky i ALWAYS play it. so of course cole had to play his first ducky game! he loved catching the ducks. our friends have a picture of it and as soon as i get it i will post it up. he won a blow up beach ball from the ducky game and it was an instant favorite. he likes to play catch with his daddy. he sometimes hits the ball back to brad, but most of the time he lets the ball bounce off of his face. this might sound cruel but it he loves it. he giggles and squeals and makes his crinkle nose face for his daddy to do it again!

April 23, 2008

crinkle nose

cole is a very smiley boy! i love to see him smile because he smiles so hard now that he crinkles his little nose up! this week his cough and runny nose got worse so i got him in to the doctor. it ends up he has an ear infection, bad congestion, and a yeast infection. despite the ear infection he was still smiley and full of laughs.

April 20, 2008


cole was baptized today and it went great. he had such a great turn out filled with people who love him. it amazes me how lucky my little boy is and how loved he truly he is. he did well through the whole ceremony, no crying just smiles and giggles. he loved the candle. he thought it was funny when father kozen rubbed the oil on his head. when the water was poured on him he just smiled and looked around. thanks to everyone who came out to make it such a special day for cole!

April 18, 2008

too cool...

we had such a great week! we went on a ton of walks, spent time at the park, and have discovered how amazing blowing bubbles is! i had to get him a hat and some glasses to help protect him from the sun and he loves them.

we also were able to meet cole's cousin clare today! he LOVES her! i think he's excited that he's not the baby around her. all of cole's friends are older then him, so this was a change for him.

April 15, 2008

bath time

cole gets so excited every morning when his daddy gets home. he smiles and reaches for him as soon as he can see him. one of his favorite things to do with daddy is to take his morning bath. he LOVES to be in the water. he rolls over in the tub now so he can kick and splash. i can't help but take his picture during bath time.

April 14, 2008


we had dinner with grandpa and gradma last night. grandpa was even to take some time to play with cole even though taxes are due tuesday!

April 13, 2008


today we took a trip to visit ray, shirley, and the cows!! it was cole's first time out to the barn, because it was too cold the other time we visited! he was in awe over the cows. he had very little to say and barely any smiles, but he would not take his eyes of off the cows. the baby cows loved the attention and cole was able to touch them and even get some cow kisses from them!

April 12, 2008

ugly doll

today was so beautiful. it was such a nice day that bridget, ella, cole, and me took a trip to ithaca. it was my first time going to ithaca and i loved it! they had a ton of places to eat and great places to shop. the best part was they had several great second hand stores for kids stuff. in one of the stores we found these ugly dolls. i loved them and when i showed them to cole he loved them too. bridget let cole pick the one he liked best and got it for him as his early baptism gift. he loves his ugly doll, ox. here he is before bedtime talking to ox:

April 11, 2008


todays "photo shoot" went well. i bought some plain colored gift wrap to use as a background and it worked ok, but is a little too shiny. i am going to get some good background paper soon though for our "photo shoots". these are two of my favorites that i got. by the end of the shoot though cole had eaten and crinkled a large part of the paper. at least it kept him entertained so i could take some pictures.

April 10, 2008


it feels like spring might be blooming! the weather has been so enticing. so much in fact that we have been out everyday for hours on end. we have been exploring town and going to the park, plus getting some exercise. cole has been loving all the time outdoors. he also loves it when i blow bubbles for him now. this week bridget introduced us to mum-mums. they are like a cracker for babies, but dissolve quickly in the mouth like puffs. mum-mums though are much easier to hold then puffs are. however, wegmans is the only place that carries them so next week we will be making a trip for some more mum-mums.

April 09, 2008


cole LOVES his jumperoo. it's quite funny now that he can actually get bouncing really well now! sorry the video is a bit dark!

April 08, 2008

6 month appt

today was cole's 6 month doctor appt. he did a great job and giggled and talked to all the nurses and the doctor. he weighs 16 lbs, 4 oz, which puts him at the 40%. he is 27" long now, which is 75%. his head is still big and measuring in the 90%. he was a champ for his shots too! he cried for less then a minute and was back to his happy giggling self. the doctor said he has a slight cold, or that it could even be a side effect of teething. cole was feeling better today though then yesterday.
after the doctor i came home and made him peas for the first time. what do you think, did he like them?

April 07, 2008

cough cough

i have a sick baby on my hands and it is just awful! if cole sneezes snot comes flying out. his poor little nose is running like a broken faucet. he can't sleep well because he's so stuffed up. he also has a slight fever. when he coughs it makes him cry, i think maybe he has a sore throat. the worst part is he can't tell me what's wrong so all i can do is try to figure it out.
ok i lied! the worst part is the nasal aspirator. as soon as cole sees it he begins squirming all over the place and wiggling like i have never seen! i know it will help him to feel better, but trying to get near him with it is like wrestling a little pig in the mud.

April 04, 2008


this past month has definitely been a great month! cole is officially 6 months and 1 day old now. he's such a happy little boy! he's also a great sleeper. he sleeps most nights from 8pm- 6am and usually will go back to sleep til at least 7:30am, but sometimes until as late as 9am. he's also exploring things a lot more. everything he can roll to and put his hands on goes right into his mouth, as you will see in the pictures below.

likes: rolling all over the floor, sleeping on his belly, babbling, squealing, smiling, laughing, being tickled, blowing bubbles with his mouth, food, walks, swinging, play dates, standing up with our help, bath time, being held upside down, swimming, music

dislikes: green beans, avocado, getting stuck against stuff while rolling, missing nap time, waiting for food

April 03, 2008

six months!

i feel like a bad mommy tonight! today was cole's six month b-day and i somehow didn't realize the date. i thought it was tomorrow!! we even have a gift for him. we are going to really make it up to him tomorrow, so i don't feel so guilty. i know he doesn't know and that it's not that big of a deal, but it is to me.
luckily, we had a great day today with lots of fun and pictures. we met up with bridget and ella for lunch, a walk, and the playground. cole and ella love each other. she even reads books to him. the ladies love cole! cole had a blast for his first time on the swings! he was smiling, laughing, and squealing the whole time. the swing is made for two so ella and him got to swing together.
tomorrow will be the normal monthly post!!

April 02, 2008


cole has been working on two new things this week. puffs and a sippy cup! when aoife visited on monday she shared her puffs with cole. "technically", cole shouldn't be eating puffs until he is able to sit up on his own, crawl, and can use the pincher grip. however, he loves them and they keep him entertained for awhile. he concentrates so hard on trying to pick them up and then trying to actually get them into his mouth. he's doing pretty well with the sippy cup, except it has to be really full for him to get the water out and then its a little bit harder to lift to sip. when he gets water out he does one of two things. he either swallows it or he gets so excited he smiles and then it pours down his chin.

April 01, 2008


cole has been doing much better with sitting up. he is sitting up all on his own here! it only lasts for a small amount of time but its definitely improving slowly. i know he will be much happier when he is able to sit up on his own, because he wants to be so independent already. he seems to get a little frustrated when we are at the mommy group and he is the only one not able to sit, crawl, or walk.