May 30, 2008

cows and grass

today was fun filled! we spent the morning out in the backyard playing with maggie and in the grass. cole loves the grass and is quite entertained by the dandelions. he has become quite the talker now! it's like he's from jersey, because when he talks his arms are almost always flailing about. and he always gives me the eye when he's talking and i try to put him on the phone or take his picture.

we also stopped by to see ray and shirley today. unfortunately i didn't get a better picture of the new calf (its hard to hold a baby and a camera!). this baby calf was jsut born a few days before and they named her BRIE!!

May 28, 2008


cole has been waking up earlier then he used to. it used to be between 7 and 8, but now it's between 5:30 and 6:30. we spend the morning cuddling and playing, but waking up so early makes me hungry. while i get myself breakfast and eat cole has been playing and watching some tv to keep him busy. he LOVES blue's clues! he squeals and waves his arms in excitement when it comes on. he got this blue's clues stuffed animal at xmas from bob and anne. he has started to really enjoy it now. he hugs him and eats him, like he does to all his favorite toys. i also added a picture of him being silly and laughing. how could you not love that face??

May 26, 2008

garbage find

a couple weeks ago when bridget and i were driving around i saw the best find out on someones curb. i actually had to fly past someone to get to the pile first, since it was big garbage day and the other people were searching piles. cole loves his new car a lot. so much so that he got grumpy that i kept putting the camera in his face!

May 24, 2008


cole is now hugging!! it is the sweetest greatest hug i have ever had in my life. i haven't been able to really get a great picture of him hugging yet because i don't want to stop the hugs to grab the camera when he starts hugging. here is one of him leaning to get me to hug though...

May 23, 2008


yesterday we took the long trip down to the philly airport to pick up our new puppy! maggie was cole's uncle jeff's dog but then moved to california. BUT she is back and she is ours!! we are so excited to have her and she seems to be fitting right in so far. she's doing great with cole and he LOVES her. he can't stop watching her every move, reaching for her, and talking to her!

May 21, 2008

wagon walks

the weather has been nippy, but since the rain let up we finally got out! cole loves to go for walks, but especially when we get to go in ella's wagon.

yes, we are walking in a cemetery. BUT it is very pretty and quiet.

teething sucks, but he's doing his best to stay in great spirits.

he insists on holding dandelions, eating them, making this horrid face, and then eating more!

May 18, 2008


while we were out shopping today with bridget and ella we decided to stop in a party store to get some ideas for cole and ella's birthday parties. i know, i know i have plenty of time. BUT you all know i love to plan! when we were in there looking one of the workers was really nice and gave both of the kids balloons. cole fell in love with it!! he went nuts for it and it kept him nice and content while we did some shopping. here he is tonight with his balloon...

May 17, 2008


tonight cole had one of my favorites...PASTA!! i cooked him some elbow pasta with a little butter and parm cheese for his dinner. he LOVED it. he did a great job feeding himself and ate a lot more then i even thought he would be able to eat. i forgot to mention that we also fed him ground beef last week. he HATED it. he made awful faces and couldn't figure out how to get all of the little pieces out of his mouth quick enough.

May 13, 2008

morning time

every morning we spend time playing in the front room. this morning he played with his usual blocks, books, and music table. he decided though that he is a big boy now and can hold himself up to play with his music table and doesn't need me to hold him up anymore!

he also got to play on his new riding toy that his grandma got him. he loves it! it has all kinds of fun buttons to play with. he was able to sit on it on his own but i stayed ready to catch him because when he got excited over the button he would start to slide off of his seat.

May 11, 2008

mothers day

today was such a great first mommy's day! cole got me a digital picture frame filles with pictures of himself and a very sweet card. we did some gardening in the yard and let cole play in the grass while we finished raking up some leaves.

we also set up cole's sandbox and let him play in it for the first time. cole was so distracted by our neighbor's dog though that he kept trying to play in the sand but didn't want to keep his eyes off of the dog. he kept trying to eat sand and his dad kept trying to stop him from eating it, but cole won the battle!

then cole and i went to his first birthday party for his friend zoey. zoey turned three today and wanted cole to be a part of her day. he had a great time watching the older kids play all around him, eating cheese, and petting her baby lambs.

we ended the day by having a great dinner made by brad. he broke the grill out now that the weather is getting warmer and showed off his cooking skills! cole enjoyed some chicken and squash for dinner, followed by some ice pops i made him.

it was a great day for me today! i'm so happy to be a momma!! adn so lucky to have such a good happy little man!!

May 09, 2008


we gave cole some white potatoes yesterday cut into little bitty pieces, but he didn't really enjoy it. in fact we wouldn't even touch it after taking two bites. i think we will maybe like them if i make him mashed potatoes next time instead of plain ones.
today we decided to let him try some shredded cheddar. he LOVED it! he's just like his mommy. he ate three scoops of it up and kept smiling after each bite.

May 07, 2008


cole has been sitting up for a couple seconds here and there but it seems that he might have finally figured it out. today he sat up for at least five minutes at a time several different times. he was sitting up on his own and having a blast playing with some blocks, but was sure to have something still in his mouth to chew on. i keep thinking he must have some teeth coming in soon, but i nothing more yet.

May 06, 2008


cole had his first taste of meat today! i cut up chicken in tiny pieces so he could pick it up and feed himself. after each bite he made a funny face. he seemed to like it though because he kept picking it up and eating it.

May 03, 2008

zoo trip!

today was cole's first trip to the zoo. it was such a great day. we were able to spend the afternoon together, just the three of us! cole is just like his mommy and loved all of the animals.

daddy and cole looking at a lizard.

mommy and cole watching the otter swim by.

cole was really into the wolves when they were howling.

cole helping his daddy with the map! cole is already a better navigator then his dad.

he loved these little monkeys!

7 months!

will update later!

May 02, 2008

hair bow holders!

i decided to try and get crafty to make some extra money since im lucky enough to stay home with cole. i have started making hair bow holders and created a site to even sell them. please spread to word if you know anyone who might be interested. thanks!

May 01, 2008


don't let that smile fool you! cole has been one grumpy little boy this past week. the smile is just for his new hair style! i think cole is trying to cut some new teeth and is having a really rough time. he is very drooly and is chewing on everything he can reach.