November 27, 2008

gobble gobble

today was cole's second thanksgiving! last year he was just about two months old and wasn't able to enjoy it at all. today though he ate like a champ! he gobbled up everything we gave him.

November 13, 2008

warm fall nights

this past week, we've had some warm weather. it has been nice, because we loved our routine of eating dinner and then going outside to play. with the cold weather we haven't been getting out as much at night. so, this week we took advantage of it. cole likes to walk up and down the sidewalk. he really thought it was great that he could walk maggie too!

November 07, 2008

the sharing chair

cole got an anywhere chair for his birthday and he really loves it. he uses it every single day! he liked to eat his snack in it, climb into it, sit in it, read his book on it, put his baby in it, and he even likes to share it!

November 03, 2008

13 months

today cole turned 13 months old, with this realization i have decided i need to start putting together the photo album of his first year. i have SO many pictures from the past year that i don't even know how to choose which make it to the album. i love looking back at the pictures to see how much he has grown and changed. he really is becoming a big boy!

November 01, 2008

national zoo

this weekend we took a family trip to maryland for cousin clare's baptism. since we went down the day before we were able to visit the national zoo. it was a nice day out and cole had a great time with family, especially auntie amy. it's been a long time since we have seen amy, but cole warmed right up to her. cole was in a great mood even after the 5 hour drive and had a blast with his daddy!