June 29, 2008

ice cream!

cole has had a little taste of ice cream once before, so today when we got some ice cream we shared with him. he loved it! the picture of him scowling is when brad took the spoon away, so i could get a picture.

June 27, 2008

aoife's bday

we had aoife's 1st birthday party here at our house today. it was a great time. it was small, but there still seemed to be little kids every where you looked! it even made brad realize it was time to put the baby gates up. i think he got tired of chasing the kids off of the stairs! the birthday theme was rubber ducks and cole was quite happy with the ducks he received. BUT he really loved the balloon he got his hands on. he went crazy again bouncing the balloon off of his head and laughing about it.

June 26, 2008

pool fun

tonight bridget, john, and ella came over for dinner. it's great getting together with them, because it's always crazy at dinner time with kids but they totally understand it and go through the same thing. while brad cooked a great dinner, we let the kids play in the pool. they both love the water. sometimes cole gets a little overwhelmed though with ella's splashing, but he took her hat and splashed better then usual.

June 24, 2008

army crawl

cole is still perfecting his army crawl, but he's getting quite speedy at it now. he is very happy with himself that he can now get to maggie when he wants to!

June 19, 2008

more teeth!!

this morning i realized i had a bipolar boy! one second he was laughing and smiling so hard he kept closing his eyes, all because i was trying to get a dog hair away from his mouth.

then he was crying.

then he was making funny faces, and that's when i noticed something was wrong!

i zoomed in and i saw this....

TOOTH #4 (his top left)!

June 17, 2008

happy tooth!

i received two big boxes from pampered chef today, which made cole very happy. he had a great time playing in the boxes and with bubble wrap. he was in such a good mood today that i was quite shocked to realize a new tooth broke through!! he got the top right tooth FINALLY!!

June 15, 2008

father's day

yesterday we went to uncle jon's birthday party. cole had a great time watching all the new people he met. he also ate very well. i really think that if i allowed him he would eat all day long. this kid LOVES food. plus he was able to try some watermelon, which he of course liked.

we came back late last night to surprise brad for father's day. cole was so happy to see his daddy after being away for 5 days!! we spent the day together eating good food, just the thing brad loves. brad has become an amazing daddy, better then i could have hoped for. he works so hard to make our life better. we love him so much for all he does!! (the bottom picture is from the day cole made father's day gifts)

June 14, 2008

army crawl

we have a mover!! cole started to do an army crawl today. gram's dog inko was playing with him, but then went to lay down. i guess cole decided he wasn't done playing with him so he pulled himself over to inko. it wasn't very far, but it sure was the perfect start!

June 12, 2008

beach time

today auntie brooke and i took cole to the beach for the first time. if you know me at all you know i LOVE the beach, especially the ocean grove beach. brooke and i spent almost every day there in the summers while we were growing up, so it is very fitting that we took cole.
he let me dip his feet in the water, with no complaints, even though it was very cold. he kicked his feet and talked up a storm as the water came near him. he also liked playing in the sand. BUT he really LOVED eating the sand. he loved it so much, we couldn't get him to stop. he had sand all over his mouth and was eating fistfuls of it, like it was the best tasting stuff ever.

June 11, 2008

pt. pleasant

auntie brooke and uncle jok and it was great that it was pt. pleasant since i spent a lot of night there for several years. okn took us to pt. pleasant today and we had so much fun! it was cole's first time to the boardwal, by a lot i mean just about every night.
we went to jenkinson's aquarium which is small but still great. they have all kinds of fish, sharks, penguins, an alligator, and even seals. cole loved the seals he sat with uncle jon and bounced and talked while he watched the seals get fed. he also really liked watching the sharks and fish swim by him while he looked into the tanks. he could care less about the penguins though!
after the aquarium we went for a short walk on the boardwalk for some ice cream. cole also got to watch his uncle jon in the batting cages.

June 09, 2008


today we are getting ready for our trip to jersey! packing is such a job now with cole. there is so much to pack i always feel silly with the amount that i need to bring, but we always end up using it. we took some pics of cole in his auntie onesie to send to auntie brooke to help build her excitement. it's been awhile since we have been down and i know it will be fun. we have plans to go to the aquarium and the beach. this morning we cole had his first pancake and he of course gobbled it up.

June 07, 2008


in order to survive the heat today cole was stripped down to his diaper. he loves to be out in the backyard and luckily the backyard is nice and shaded. he spends his time looking around and turning his head to each new noise he hears. cole also loves to eat anything green that he can get his hands on out there.

June 06, 2008

pool time

the weather has been unbearable, so we decided it was time to break out cole's pool. he had a great time splashing, squealing, and playing will his pool toys. the pool might be tiny, but it was perfect for cole and to cool him off.

no joke

food is no joke to cole. he loves to eat. he has a great appetite and eats almost everything we have given him, except green beans and avocado. today we tried blue berries and he really enjoyed them. he ate them up even though some were a bit tart. the blueberries weren't enough to satisfy him for a snack though, so we gave him a teething biscuit. it was messy but he sure did enjoy it. he also is very sweet and tried to share all of his food now.

June 04, 2008

fun at ellas!

today we went to ella's house to hang out and had a great time! cole and ella love each other and it's a lot of fun to watch them interact. here are a bunch of pictures to help tell you about cole's fun filled day!!

ella was worried cole was hungry, so she fed him the baby doll bottle.

here is ella loving cole, but he said "ella it's too hot to hug!"

cole is looking at bridget, thinking "hey lady tell your daughter to calm down on the splashing!"

but he loves to splash himself!!

after swimming ella walked by cole while holding her grilled cheese. he shocked us all by reaching up and taking it right from her. he ended up eating a half of grilled cheese with no problems. he's such a big boy!