September 27, 2009


cole received his first birthday present today and LOVES it. he played with it numerous time throughout the day. its a fishing puzzle and he grasped hwo to do it right away!

September 23, 2009

mr. snuggles

this is one of my favorite pictures of cole now. im not sure how i never posted it, but its from our trip to seattle this summer. the first night there was a little rough for cole. typically, he is a great sleeper. but i think after the long flight, the new house and people, and having kay and me in the room he just could not fall asleep. he kept tossing and turning and fussing. finally i got him and tried to lay him in bed with me and he actually slept! he never sleeps with me, he always wants his own bed since we was a baby. i loved waking up to see this....

September 19, 2009


this weekend we decided to take advantage of no commitments and do some fun things with cole. yesterday we took him to the zoo. somehow the summer had slipped by and we barely went there at all this year. he seemed to really like it and he walked most of the way! today we took him to knoebels. its an amusement park with no entry fee. you just pay for the rides. we were blown away by how affordable everything was. we spent $50 for the three of us on rides, snacks, and lunch. cole loved the rides. he would scream "weeeee" on the ones he really liked.

September 15, 2009

cole & poppy

while in nj, cole got to spend time with gram and poppy. he has become a big time poppy's boy. as soon as we pulled into the drive way he started to scream "pop". as soon as he wakes in the morning here he yells "pop". all day every day here it's "pop".

September 14, 2009

olivia kaylee

unfortunately this past week when we went for our big ultrasound they were unable to tell us the babys gender 100%. initially, they said it's a girl but then took it back. if you know me well you know that drove me crazy. i already had bedding options picked and needed to know the gender so i could start planning! if that wasn't bad enough the doctor told me we would have to wait 12 more weeks to find out. i was so stressed out. finally brad and i decided to save his sanity, i would go to nj and have an elective u/s done. so now we know... it's a GIRL. this is our little olivia kaylee.