December 25, 2009


brad and i were both up before cole this morning. we were so excited for him to wake up and to see what santa brought him. when he finally woke and we went downstairs he started to look at the gifts under the tree but then he noticed the train table! he was so excited, he's been asking for one for over a month. he played with the train table for a goor 45 minutes before we could pull him away to open any other gifts. we had a great morning in out pjs playing with new toys and even taking a break to watch his new dinosaur movie. it as such a great xmas!

December 17, 2009

nemo live on ice

cole has been such a good boy that santa sent him an early xmas gift! he sent us tickets to go see finding nemo live on ice. we ended up with front row center seats, there was no possible way to have better seats!! we weren't sure if he would enjoy it or be able to sit through the show since the show started at his bedtime. however he loved it. he was into every second of it!

December 16, 2009

jumping jungle

in the hopes of getting cole out a bit more we have been going to some events with a moms group. this week we went to jumping jungle which has a ton of blow up bouncy things and slides. cole had a great time running around like a wild man and fell asleep as soon as he made it into his car seat!

December 12, 2009

nj xmas

this weekend we celebrated xmas a little early with everyone in nj! i have been so excited about xmas with cole this year and it truly was great! he had a blast opening his gifts. as you might notice there was an outfit change half way through the gifts. he loved the toy story shirt aunt brooke and uncle jon got him and his other favorite gift was his hess race car from gram and poppy!

December 05, 2009

ginger bead house

every year there is a ginger bread house at grandma's house. it has quickly become a tradition that cole helps to make it. this year he was just overwhelmed by all the candy put in front of him!

December 01, 2009

mr. reader

every night before bedtime we follow the same routine when home. we get into our pjs and then we cuddle on the bed and read stories. tonight cole insisted on reading to me first.