March 31, 2009

swimming classes

tonight cole started his 3rd set of swimming classes! he still loves the water. he had a great time splashing and kicking tonight. unfortunately cameras are not allowed, so i had to sneak these three pictures!

March 30, 2009

1st movie

today we took cole to his first movie! we went to see monsters vs. aliens with ella and bridget. cole LOVED it! he sat in his own chair, on the booster seat for just about the whole movie. he sat on my lap for some of it. cole would point and look at us each time the scene changed and babble in disgust until it came right back on. he also really enjoyed eating twizzlers and had a huge red ring around his mouth at the end of the movie!

March 24, 2009

rockin out

cole has been really enjoying music. he will dance to anything. he dances to his toys that make music, or if we sing, or if he hears a car drive by with radio loud.
he's also getting a lot better at more independent play. he will play with toys for more than 3 seconds at a time now, which gives me some time to breathe and do other things which is nice. hes so independent he has to be the one to hold the ice on his boo-boos now!

March 17, 2009

just him

cole loves his bed. he often will tell us its time to go to bed by saying up to his crib. when he wakes up he almost always will play in his crib for awhile before calling "mama". whenever we go in to get him he calls for "aggie" to come too. lately though when i go in to get him he says "book". i will give him a book and he will sit in his crib and read each page.

March 10, 2009

science center

we took cole to the science center since brad had the day off. cole had a really good time investigating things. some of it was too old for him but he had fun just the same.

March 09, 2009


cole has finally decided that using a fork and spoon isn't so bad after all. however sometimes he thinks his hands are still the way to go, especially if it is something yummy and he just cant wait to eat it!

March 08, 2009

worlds end

today we took cole to worlds end state park. he had so much fun. he played on the slide and swings. he checked everything out. picked out the rocks and sticks he liked best. but the best part of cole's visit to the park was throwing rocks into the creek. he giggled every single time and was not happy when to leave the rock throwin when it was time to go home. we are so glad the weather is getting warmer FINALLY.

March 05, 2009

momma's birthday!

i had the best treat for my birthday today. cole decorated a cake just for me!

March 02, 2009

er trip

today was a busy day. we played some, shopped some, and went to dushore since my car was due there in the morning to be checked out for problems. i put cole down for bed and he went to sleep like usual. about 2 hours later cole woke up screaming. he was screaming so loud and wouldn't stop. i ended up having to call the doctor after 45 minutes of him screaming and not being able to calm him. he had to take him to the er, which is a hour drive from dushore. he screamed the whole way. then we had to wait at the er for 2 hours before they would see us even though he was screaming and the waiting room had only one other person besides us. our poor baby has a double ear infection. he was so tired when we got home he finally went to sleep. today hes a sleepy sick little man. he only falls asleep on us when he's sick, but it's so sweet when it happens.