June 26, 2009

family time

since the homer family had a wedding to go to this weekend. we were able to spend the whole weekend in dushore and with cousin clare too! cole spent most of the time playing water, like the water baby he is.

June 17, 2009


today we got to go for our first appointment for the new baby, pumpkin! we were able to see the heartbeat during the ultrasound which is always a great relief. first they said the due date was january 30th, but changed it just to february 1st.

June 15, 2009


first of all i am so SORRY that i am sooo behind in updating the blog. i've been trying to use my old camera more so that i get more everyday pictures of cole. but i've been having issues with it. anyway in the beginning of june cole and i went to visit our family and friends in georgia. it was so hot, reminding me why i hated the heat there. but its so hard to see everyone there and have to leave them again. here is some of our pictures from the trip:

cole showing lynnie where her nose is.

being a big boy with baleigh.

with swimmies and a tube he was able to float around on his own.

miss. baleigh loved cole and he sure he loved her too!