March 03, 2010

big boy underwear

today cole decided he wanted to wear his big boy underwear! he used the potty multiple times, maybe hes getting ready!

March 02, 2010

mr. cole

i've been trying to make sure each day to find some time for one on one time for cole. hes done such an amazing job with adjusting to olivia. he really is enjoying some one on one time with brad and me. he's become such a big boy and such a sweetie.

February 26, 2010

1 month!

of course these first four weeks have flown by!! our little girl is a month old already. luckily, her reflux is getting better with the medicine, so we are even getting some sleep. she does a good job holding her head up. she just adores cole though! she watches him and is so alert when she is awake.

here is cole at 1 month old! what do you think? do they look alike?

February 25, 2010

snow days

since cole's cuosins were in town and there was a snow storm coming we decided to go get snowed in with them in dushore. one house + four kids = insanity!! cole had a blast though. olivia is having a really rough time in the evenings. she's having screaming fits that last hours. i spoke to the doctor over the phone and they think it is reflux so hopefully the medicine will help her out! she took the time though to enjoy her first snow!!

February 23, 2010


cole really loves olivia. hes being a great big brother.

February 19, 2010


sweet sleeping little girl...

February 18, 2010

bath time

cole wanted to help give olivia her bath today. at first i was worried how it would go but he did great. he helped wash her and rinse her and refrained from all the splashing he normally does. after the bath he helped dry her and even gave her some kisses!

February 16, 2010

dr. cole

thank goodness she loves her brother already! he is olivia obsessed. he wants to be near her most of the time. he likes to hold her, kiss her, and show her all of his toys. today she was crying with pain and he wanted to give her medicine to make her all better.

February 15, 2010

dr visit!

today was olivia's two week check-up. i took her to the doctor and was less than happy to get there to be in a room full of sick kids. typically in the afternoons they only have "well" visits. we stayed as secluded as we could since there is a bad rsv outbreak in our area.
she's our little peanut! she now weighs 8lbs, 2oz and is 21" long. that's about 30% for weight and around 50% for height.

February 14, 2010

lots of firsts

this weekend was a lot of firsts! cole took his first trip without us. he went with grandma kay down to dc with aunt amy and cat to visit nick, liz, welles, and clare. he had a great time swimming at the hotel and visiting the smithsonian!
meanwhile we stayed at home. there were lots of naps and movie watching! olivia also got her first bath!

February 04, 2010

pjs day

today was spent in pjs! we watched some movies and did some cuddling. cole wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken with olivia today, but he was more than happy to let me take it of just him. he now likes to say cheese and make the cheesey face too!

February 03, 2010


it has been so cold here and there are so many illnesses going around that we have pretty much been hibernating! we were all going a little stir crazy today, so we decided to take cole swimming. you can swim at the local hotel for a fee. cole loves swimming! he had a blast swimming with brad. olivia and i watched, ok i watched. olivia slept through the whole thing!

January 31, 2010


so far so good. we were lucky enough that gram came up to help with things while we were in the hospital and was even able to stay a couple extra days. it not only helped brad and i, it was a huge help to cole. so far he's doing pretty well with her. he seems to like her. he wants to hold her and give her kisses too. he needs some work though on remembering to be gentle when playing near her. today she took a wooden truck to the head and has her first injury from her big brother. she took it like a champ though!


January 28, 2010


the good news about crappy insurance is they kick you out of the hospital 48 hour after a c-section. the bad news is you have to deal with the stairs at home and the excited little boy that just doesn't understand that jumping on mommy is a bad idea. this is little miss. olivia getting ready to leave the hospital!

January 26, 2010

family of four

today was the day we became a family of four. this pregnancy flew by and now olivia kaylee is here! the past week has done nothing but allow me to realize how truly lucky we are as a family. and now we have another sweet baby. she came out screaming and didn't stop for some time. she is going to be quite vocal compared to her brother. she loves to have her hands near her face. she immeditaly took to nursing and has been sleeping well too! she came out with HUGE cheeks but they were swollen and have since gone down. her head was lodged down in my pelvic bone, jsut like i told brad it was. she has a bruise on her head and a mark on her nose. we aren't sure yet if the mark will go away or be her birth mark. here she is....

January 24, 2010

olivia's room

time has flown by! olivia is scheduled to come on tuesday, in two days! we have been busy getting things done and caught up at home, in my business, and even on this blog. i know i have lately fallen so behind, i promise to try to do better. we spent several hours friday evening in labor and delivery. i am having frequent contractions, but none big enough to truly matter yet! the good news is it gave me some time to get things in her room 100% complete. we are all set to bring our little girl home now! cole checks her room every day sometimes multiple times to ask "where baby?". we both hope this is an easy transition for him and that he will love her tons!

January 21, 2010

architect genius

cole has been building towers for some time, however as soon as they get three levels high he can not fight the urge to knock it down! however today he was so proud of his tower he made me take a picture so he could show daddy as soon as he woke up!

January 09, 2010


tacos are a regular occurrence in our house. it's one meal cole always gobbles up. he was so proud though today because he actually ate a taco put together just like his daddys'!