January 31, 2009

boston children's musem

after a nap we headed straight to the children's museum to let cole loose. he has a really great time. it was three floors of imaginery play and all kinds of new things to explore. he had a blast running around and playing. i was pretty proud of him too. he is doing a great job at sharing with others.

grandma tried to show cole how to climb through the tunnel, but he had no interest.

he loves to play in the water any chance he gets.

i'd say his play kitchen is his fave, but his second fave item are train tables. he loves them!

build a bear

after the aquarium we went to lunch and then hit up the build a bear factory. we weren't sure if he would get or enjoy the build a bear factory, but he loved it. he picked the penguin over the turtle stuffed animal and helped stuff him. we chose a boston red sox shirt so he has a souvenir from his trip to visit aunt amy.



boston aquarium

it's been awhile since we've been able to see that aunt amy, so we took a trip this weekend with grandma to go visit. it was a jam packed fun filled two days! these are just the pictures from the aquarium.

January 28, 2009

snow storm

well the weather man was right! we got hit by another snow storm. cole is a lot like me and start to go stir crazy when we are in the house for too long. so we decided to go for a sled ride. cole had a great time in his sled with his daddy running all over the place with him.

January 27, 2009

chef cole!

every time we go somewhere that there is a play kitchen cole spends all of his time playing with it. it's almost as if there is nothing else in the room. i kept telling brad we should think about getting him one, but brad always said no. however when we came home from play group today and i told him about cole cooking with the pots and pans he said ok let's go get him a kitchen. we went right away before he could change his mind. we lucked out too because we are supposed to get hit by a snow storm hopefully this will entertain him while we are stuck inside.

January 24, 2009


i didn't realize how badly cole needed a haircut, but he sure does look handsome today! he's handsome with a little bit of attitude too!

January 23, 2009


somehow cole's hair grows without me even noticing. then i look back at pictures i have taken and im like oh jeez he's shaggy. so i took my little hippy to go get a big boy haircut. he did a great job. they even used the buzzers on him and he just sat there as laid back as ever!

January 21, 2009

soo sick

cole has been so sick with an awful belly virus. we were lucky enough to only have it for about 48 hours, but cole is going on day 4. however, this morning when we woke up he was not himself. he woke up then curled up on me and slept another two hours. i tried to wak ehim up but he couldn't seem to lift his head or stay awake. he got him to drink some juice but he just wanted to sleep. after calling the doctor several times we finally got in to see a doctor. they immediately told us he was very dehydrated and started an iv on him. they couldn't find any veins in his arms so they had to put it into his little foot. he was such a great little man though. within minutes of the iv starting he perked up and was drinking, snacking, and laughing. it was very scary to see him this way today but we are so thankful he is ok.

January 17, 2009

belly troubles

cole woke up last night crying hysterically and covered in puke. we spent the night with him puking, me cleaning, changing him, and lots of snuggling. it continued today, but he was still sweet enough to give me a smile when he saw me touch the camera.

January 16, 2009

discovery center

the moms group went to the discovery center and had a really good time. the last time we took cole he couldn't walk so it wasn't as nearly enjoyable for him. he loved the food store they have the best. he walked straight in, grabbed a cart, and started grabbing produce and placing it in the car all on his own. i got a kick out of watching him go through the whole store and select what he wanted to add to his cart. of course the first item he added was bananas.

discovery center 2

cole also enjoyed the firetruck room again, but not the hat.