May 29, 2009

dutch wonderland

today on our family vacation we took cole to dutch wonderland. its a little amusement park with rides just for little kids. he had a great time. they had the frog jumper ride which he again loved. he wanted to go on it several times.

May 28, 2009

family ride

when we saw that the log flume had no height requirement there was no question, we had to get on it! as you can see cole loved the ride! this one of my favorite pictures of us now!

more rides!

hershey park

on our first night in hershey we decided to go straight to the park. it was a blast. they had a great selection of rides cole was able to go on. he had a lot of fun going on the rides and even went on a bunch by himself! the green dinosaur was his first ride ever by himself!

trip part 1

we decided to take advantage of brads long weekend and take a family trip to hershey. on our way down we decided to stop at an old cold mine that also had a steam engine. cole loved the steam engine a lot!

May 24, 2009


cole went for a haircut today at sonnys'. sonny has been cutting brads hair since he was a little boy and its still his favorite place to go for a haircut. sonny was great with cole and it was a whole $15 less than the place near our house!

May 23, 2009


cole had a busy day helping grandma bake. he got a new apron at the local craft fair and didn't want to take it off so they decided to put it to work!

May 22, 2009

big news!

this morning i got a positive pregnancy test. cole helped me to wake up brad to surprise him. this is how our morning went:

May 18, 2009

popcorn zoo

today we went on a little trip to the popcorn zoo. this zoo is great! its run my the humane society and you get to feed all the animals popcorn. everyone had such a good time!

May 15, 2009

nj trip

we went to shark river park with uncle jon and auntie brooke. cole had a blast. he tried everything out. he thought uncle jon was the coolest! however hes still not so sure about the slide. he rolls over on his belly to go down each time.

May 13, 2009

zoo again!

three of us moms took our kids to the zoo today. i know, i know we were just there. BUT we love it there! cole had a blast again, especially with his friends. towards the end of this trip though he got a bit grumpy. hes never good with no nap. he still needs those two naps a day.

he loved being able to feed the goats!

i bought him this "leash" in the hopes of keeping him nearby me when he wants to walk. LOL. he wants to walk himself!

ahhh, young love

the tigers are so much fun!

May 11, 2009

mommys day

to celebrate mothers day we went to the zoo! it was our first trip of the year and cole had a lot of fun. he did a lot of walking, because hes a big boy and can! we had lunch in the little play area they have and cole was so distracted he only took a quick minute to woof his hot dog down. he was so proud of himself because hes always hesitant to go through tunnels but today he was brave enough to crawl through!

May 08, 2009


today was our first outdoor play date. cole is so happy the weather is getting nicer. he constantly wants to be outside! he absolutely loved the water table so much, i think we may have to gt him one. all of his little girl friends were playing so nice with him. next thing i knew cole had climbed into the table to play fully dressed. needless to say the girls left him and he was stripped down and spent just about the rest of his time there pouring water on himself.

May 04, 2009


its an awful picture because i had to sneak it with my phone but here is cole swimming like a little frog!