February 29, 2008

first tooth!

cole got his first tooth! he wasn't even fussy about it at all. i wouldn't have even know he got it if he didn't insist on grabbing my finger and sticking it in his mouth to chew on. as soon as he bit down i felt a sharp little edge. to celebrate we had cake! just kidding grandma made a cake a couple days early for my bday! cole loved the candles!

February 25, 2008


cole finally found his feet tonight! i'm constantly playing with his feet and showing them to him. but tonight was the first time he grabbed for them and played with them on his own. so, yes, i of course had to run and get the camera! ok and the video camera too!!

lunch dates

every monday we meet some of our mommy and baby friends for lunch. cole has found himself a girlfriend! him and aoife (it's gaelic and pronounced ee-fa) get happy and smile when they see one another. they also babble back and forth each time we meet up. she's four months older though, so she is able to enjoy mashed potatoes, which cole eyes up each week. lunch each week is a great way for him to interact with other babies and for me to get out of the house and see other adults!

February 19, 2008


we have established some daily routines now that cole is older. night time is one of my favorite times with cole. he takes his evening nap between 6pm - 7pm. after his nap cole nurses and then we play for a little while with his jumperoo and kickin' gym. next we go into the kitchen to listen to music and cole eats his cereal. cole and i then go upstairs to play on his play mat and then he's ready to nurse again. i then put cole in his pjs which he loves. he always laughs and smiles when its time to get undressed and into his pjs. i don't know why but he loves this time! cole and i then sit in the glider and rock while we read several stories. then we discuss what will happen the next day and give goodnight kisses. i then lay him in his crib and turn the lights out. cole now will talk to himself for several minutes before he falls asleep on his own. YES, i said ON HIS OWN!! he has also slept 10 hours straight the past 3 nights! the sleep training we have done with him has worked out great for him and me! this is before bedtime...

February 17, 2008

big boy bath

cole has never minded bath time, but for the most part when we would give him his bath he would just sit there and let us do what we needed to. he had no objections or excitement about it either way. we finally decided to try and give him a bath in the regular tub, rather then the baby tub. well it seems that was the problem! now he loves bath time. he splashes, wiggles, and coos up a storm now in the big tub. brad always used to take care of bath time. BUT now that it is so much fun i have started to do bath time some days.

February 15, 2008


at the doctor on tuesday, he told us we could start feeding cole fruits and veggies. i had a million questions about how to go about this, how much to give, what order to introduce the foods, but he told me to just try it out. i have decided that i want to try to make cole's food, so today we started with carrots!

he seemed to enjoy them. he mushed the carrots around in his mouth and smiled about them.
if we took too long to give him another spoonful... we ended up with a very upset cole!

February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day!!

February 13, 2008

4 month appt

yesterday was cole's 4 month check-up. the doctor said he's doing great! he is now 14 lbs 2 oz, which puts him the 45% for his age and he is 25.75" long which is in the 75%. we discussed things cole is able to do and there are some things he can do that are 5 and even 6 month milestones according to the doctor, so he's doing just fine!
cole decided to make yesterday even more exciting by waking up with a runny nose too! by the afternoon he had lots of congestion and was miserable. we had to bust out the nose suction and saline nose drops and let me tell you, those two things make for a very angry cole! he turned into the exorcist and i had to wrestle him to be able to suction his nose. who knew a 4 month old could be so strong? he had a rough time sleeping with the congestion and cough and has just wanted to cuddle most of today. the only thing that made him happy today was playing the jumping game with his daddy!

February 09, 2008

cole rocks

cole is quite the rebel! his weekend was full of malice! he started off his weekend rocking out! my baby boy is sooo punk rock! yes, yes he is wearing baby legs with skull heads! on saturday he also attended his first (of many to come) "uncle jeff's bonfire"

February 08, 2008

daddy days...

cole loves when his daddy gets home from work. as soon as he hears him he gets quiet and then starts to kick his feet when he sees him. like always brad has given me lots to laugh at since cole has come.

this is brad "watching" cole while i take my shower. brad is fast asleep while cole is entertaining himself.
this is what happens when i let brad pick out cole's outfit. not only did he put him in this horribly mismatched outfit, he put him in a short sleeve shirt in the dead of winter. plus he put yellow socks on him. brads reasoning? "the duckies and the robot are friends!"

it's a shame this picture isn't brighter! brad was rapping to cole and cole that it was hysterical. he had deep belly giggles!

brad insisted he could go in and get the rice cereal the day we decided to try it. he came out of the store 10 minutes later with the right cereal and a bright red face. he thought he knew what to get but didn't. luckily he decided to ask someone if rice krispies was the rice cereal i sent him for. luckily the lady in the store helped him out!

the best thing about these pictures is they make me smile. they are the two most important people in my world.

February 05, 2008


last night when we did tummy time cole came mighty close to rolling but in the end all he did was drool and make cute faces!

BUT today while we did tummy time with daddy he ROLLED! i didn't get his first roll on video, but i got the second one!!

February 03, 2008

four months

likes: jumperoo, rice cereal, bath time, waking up in the morning, getting ready for bed time, walks, his new monkey, reading books, putting everything in his mouth, watching mommy or daddy cook, music, watching daddy and mommy eat lunch, trying to roll, and of course mickey mouse.

dislikes: falling asleep without mommy, being ignored, too much attention, loud noises, sleeping though the night, hiccups, objects that don't fit in his mouth, when he notices mommy left the room.