July 30, 2008

new ride

today i broke down and bought cole a fun outdoor toy for our walks! he kept telling me he wanted it so i gave in. luckily though we had a gift card so it's not even like i spent a penny!! besides he LOVES it!

July 29, 2008


i am often amazed at what a great eater cole is. he LOVES food. more and more though he wants exactly what he sees us eating. he is also quite vocal if i take too long getting his food ready. so today when i started to cut the plum up and he was yelling at me, i decided to hand him the plum. i thought he would realize i needed to cut it, but i was wrong! he ate the whole plum WHOLE, all by himself.

July 28, 2008


i love this age that cole is at so much. he is a lot of fun! he is a very silly boy. cole really love to play peek-a-boo. he will hide his face in the couch, behind a book or a toy, or pretty much anything he can hide behind and then pop his face out. one of us then says peek-a-boo and he laughs and squeals. it's a ton of fun to watch him play.

July 26, 2008

puppy love

maggie has definitely made herself at home with us. we are so lucky to have her. we honestly couldn't ask for a better dog. she is so amazing with cole that i can not say it enough! she sleeps outside of his room at night to protect him and when he wakes up she sits at the door with her tail wagging. she is always right near him while he is playing and crawling around. so much so that it sometimes makes taking any pictures difficult. her favorite time of the day though it any time that cole eats. he loves to share with her. he always holds food over the side of his highchair and giggles. she usually lays down right underneath the highchair now to have the best view for falling food.

July 22, 2008


i know gram and poppy have been waiting for this post!!! we finally gave cole eggs! the doctor said he was able to have egg yolks, but not the whites yet because of the high risk of allergens. he seemed to like the eggs, even though i forgot to stick some cheese in them. i know he will love cheesey eggs when poppy makes them though.

July 20, 2008

winery day

today we went to uncle jeff's vineyard to take some pictures for him. it was very hot out, but cole handled it like a champ. he had fun watching maggie run all over the place. he also kept trying to touch the vines and even attempted a taste! while i do miss living close to the beach, i am beginning to adjust more to the mountains. i've put in a picture of a view from near our house.

July 17, 2008

water play day

today the moms group came over for a water play day. cole had a blast using the water table. he was so happy to be standing on his own and splashing in the water all at the same time. we are taking more swim lessons and he has been really improving. i never really thought i'd see much, but i was wrong. when i put a ball in front of him he uses his arms in the water to get to it, like the doggie paddle. he also loves the little slide they have set up for the babies. the first couple of times i had to put him at the top and glide him down, but now i put him at the top and he rocks his body so that he can get himself sliding without my help!

July 14, 2008

first word!

we have been in a great debate over cole's first word here for some time. he has been making the ma-ma and da-da sound for sometime. every once in awhile brad will insist he said ma-ma, but then he will turn to maggie or his firetruck and say ma-ma too! however, today there was no doubt!! cole grabbed onto my cheeks and pulled my face towards him and said "mama". it was the most fantastic sounds ever! and just to prove that he meant it, he said mama every time he came near me today.

July 12, 2008

kayla's b-day

our main purpose to go to jersey this weekend was for kayla's b-day party! kayla turned 1 this past week!! cole had a great time crawling around on the floor and exploring the house. kayla and him didn't get much time to play, because it was her party after all and she was the star! here is the only picture i was able to get the two of them..

July 11, 2008

boys stuff

we spent this weekend in nj, but i didn't really take many pictures. brad bought cole this fun ball when we were out shopping today. somehow brad decided that the ball fit perfectly on an empty bottle and made a great weapon to beat up uncle jon. brad, uncle jon, and cole had a play fight after dinner with cole's new weapon. cole had a blast playing with the boys!

July 10, 2008


this morning while we were getting ready for our trip to jersey i took some pictures of cole playing. that's when i noticed tooth #5. look closely...

July 09, 2008

animal farmland

the moms group took a trip to chemung animal farmland and it was great! unfortunately the trip was only with ella, clare, and cole. it was a shame more moms couldn't make it. the place is very child friendly. they were able to look at all of the farm animals very close up and even feed them. cole didn't feed any of the animals though. i was going to let him try, but he wanted to eat their food. he had a great time looking at all the animals and by the end of the walk through the farm he passed out!

July 08, 2008

9 mo. dr appt

today was cole's 9 month doctor appointment. unfortunately though we weren't able to see his regular doctor. all we did at this appointment was to get weighed and measured. cole is now 18 lbs, which falls in the 10% and he is 28" long which is between the 25 to 50%. he's a little peanut, but hes doing perfect!
after the doctors he was able to go swimming in the neighbors big boy pool. he had a great time with the boys next door.

July 06, 2008


cole is now eating three meals a day. he really enjoys finger foods and being able to feed himself now. his favorite breakfast is probably pancakes with some fruit. he is also getting much better at being able to hold his sippy cup for himself.

July 04, 2008

mr. patriotic

cole had a fun 4th of july, even though he had an awful cold for it. we went to a bbq where he received lots of attention and ate lots of food.

"ok, party peeps let's go to the bbq!!"

"this hammock is making me sleepy, but im too cool to nap at a bbq."

"yummy, i love melon!"

"holy cow! sparklers are so amazing!!"

July 03, 2008

9 months

likes: his fire truck, really likes his daddy lately, standing up, maggie, balls, hugs, finger food, holding hands with ella, crawling, electrical cords, maggie's dishes, any kind of water time, ice cream, eating sand, fruit, pancakes, using his sippy cup on his own, bubbles

dislikes: teething, congestion, not being able to play in maggie's bowls

this is how the "photo shoots" go now... lots of movement!

July 01, 2008


cole loves to be in his swing on the porch, so he can watch the world

"look i have 4 teeth!"

"momma is funny"

cole got stuck under the dining room table, chasing his ball


cole helping momma with the mail