April 19, 2009

pt. boardwalk

this weekend we went to nj to celebrate easter with everyone. it was a really great trip! cole got some thomas the train trains from the easter bunny and he hasn't put them down since. the weathr was so great we were able to take him down to the boardwalk and onto the rides there. he was pretty serious about most of the rides. im not sure why, but he wasn't really his goofy self.

April 12, 2009

easter basket

the easter bunny was very good to cole! he got all kinds fo fun things. his favorite things though were the sesame street characters, fruit snacks, train rug, and the bubbles!

easter egg hunt

after church today we went to the easter egg hunt. cole enjoyed chasing easter eggs around, but he also kept wanting to pick up pine cones. we kept taking the eggs out of his bag and throwing them back on the ground for him to find, because all of the other kids had got all the eggs. in the end i think cole only got three eggs but they lasted him for awhile.

April 08, 2009

easter egg dying

since brad had today off we decided to dye our easter eggs. cole had a good time. he was a bit rough with the eggs though and did crack some as he was dying them. he thought it was a much better idea to throw the egg into the dye cup rather then put it in gently. we mad an egg for each of us plus a bunch more. he was covered in dye, but luckily it came right off of him at swimming thanks to the chlorine!

April 07, 2009

mr. everywhere

cole is mr. into everything all over the place! these pictures were all taken with a 5 minute period. he literally is mr. non-stop.

he now really is into thomas the train!

he has started pushing all kinds of things across the floor with his head.

and he's always up for some peek-a-boo

he makes such silly faces

cole is trying to convince maggie to play with him

April 02, 2009


spring is definitely on the way. it actually hit the 50's today and cole knew it! he wanted to be outside all day exploring. he was into the dirt, sticks, and rocks.