October 31, 2009

halloween part 2

we started off the halloween night by going to the annual halloween parade for the kids. cole was not impressed. he was very quiet and not interested at all. he did pep up until we walked out the door. we only hit up a few houses in town, because he was tired. however everyone went way overboard with the amount they gave him that cole has plenty to share with us.

dairy farm visit!

while down in dushore to celebrate halloween, we decided to stop by and visit brad's godparents and the cows. cole always has a blast seeing the cows and all the barn cats they have.

October 30, 2009

halloween part 1

for some off reason, the town where we live does not do halloween on actual halloween. i found that to be really odd since this year it fell on a friday. instead though, we went trick or treating the night before. we took cole over to go trick or treating with ella. the two of them were so cute. they waited for each othr to go up to the doors, they said trick or treat, and they even held hands. they are such great little friends.

October 29, 2009

van gogh

we saved the actual pumpkin painting for when we got home to do with brad. we decided to not carve them again this year since he really cant help with it much. he loves to paint though so we took him time and painted all four pumpkins we had.

October 25, 2009

mr. cool

cole is too cool when he gets to spend time with his uncle jon!

October 23, 2009


we decided to go to nj to spend some time with aunt brooke while she was home from work waiting on baby parker's arrival. somehow things were so hectic at home we missed being able to go pumpkin picking, so we went with aunt brooke and uncle jon. cole has a good time running around trying to push the pumpkin cart and riding in the cart. it took a little coaxing for him to pick the actual pumpkins but eventually he did!

October 18, 2009

photo session

i recently realized, that it had been over a year since i actually did a "photo session" of cole. i felt kind of bad, considering how many other kids and families i have had sessions of this past year. i took cole out to the local cemetery, which is truly gorgeous in the fall for some pictures. he had a blast running all over the place. this is my baby, who has truly become a little boy!

October 11, 2009

maggie & cole

mr. cole loves to read. he loves maggie. and he loves his thomas trains, which he insists on saving the packaging for so he can put them back in there. it's a shame i didn't video thism because he just kept "reading" his book outloud for maggie.

October 10, 2009


this weekend nick, liz, clare, and welles were here for cole's birthday party. cole and clare get along very well. typically he chases her and she runs screaming. this was a nice sweet moment of the two of them.

October 04, 2009

birthday bash

i love to throw a good kids party! this year we decided to do a construction theme, since he can't help but scream each time he sees a construction truck! the party was complete with a coloring area, building block area, a construction truck area, and a big cardboard house for them to decorate. we were so lucky to have most of cole's friends and family make it! here are some from the party...

October 03, 2009

birthday boy!!

today we spent together as a family. we went out for breakfast and then went to the apple and wine festival. cole was excited when he woke up and found some birthday gifts downstairs!

i can not believe our baby is already two years old. he has grown and changed so much already...

October 01, 2009

mickey mouse

late last night the ups man delivered a special birthday package for cole, so he woke up to a special surprise. pop-pop and lynnie sent him a birthday mickey mouse which he squealed over. he had a blast all day playing with the box and tissue paper all day. but once bedtime came all he wanted was his mickey mouse. i had to tuck them both in for bed!