August 26, 2008

music day!

today the moms group had music day hosted by one of the moms that teaches music. it was a great time. cole really loves music so he had a blast. although rather then using the egg shakers for the whole song he kept taking a break to chew on them. i'm sure it felt good since he is battling three teeth coming in at the moment. he loved the drum sticks though. he concentrated really hard when he was told how to use them and then he worked it out!

August 25, 2008

another zoo trip

one brad's day off this week we took another trip to the zoo. the zoo is a great day trip with cole. it's just the right size to be able to wal the whole zoo, before he gets too antsy. he loves seeing the tamarin monkeys and the otters the best still. after our walk around the zoo we also took cole onto the carosel they have for the first time. he was very entranced by the ride. he held on for his life, but didn't seem to want to get off.

August 24, 2008

100 days!

cole is so happy today!! there are only 100 days left until cole's first trip to disney world!

August 23, 2008

crazy people!

there are two things that most people always say to us: 1. cole looks just like brad and 2. cole has brad's eyes. this comes from family, friends, and strangers. i agree with the first, cole does look like brad there is no doubt that cole is his child.
however, cole does not have brad's eyes. i can not tell you how many times people will say that cole has the same exact eyes at brad! brad and i always laugh about it afterwards, because it is true lunacy! if you don't know brad he has the most amazing ice blue eyes. he wanted cole to have those eyes, but cole didn't get them. here is a picture from the other day when we were playing with the camera! those eyes are not blue!!

August 20, 2008


he have had a gate at the bottom of our stairs for some time since we often have lots of little kids over. i think brad got tired of chasing them up and down the stairs. today cole noticed the gate open and for the first time decided to attempt the stairs. he climbed up about 4 of them before reaching for me instead of the next stair.

"momma, leave me alone. i've got this!"

he is also doing a great job drinking out of a sippy cup now. luckily he never got attached to a bottle so there was no difficult transition. he mostly drinks water, but sometimes he gets a little apple juice mixed in with it. soon we will start with some whole milk too!

and a very rare moment, where he was actually sitting still!

August 18, 2008

auntie and uncles

last night after our lovely hike we went to uncle jeff's and auntie kim's. cole had a great time playing in their living room. he is finally the perfect height to pull up in the window area. we enjoyed chasing all of the dogs around. but more importantly he really enjoyed eating in his new booster. he loved being at the table with all of us and he ate like a champ. he was a huge mess afterwards, and had to take a quick bath in the sink. you can see that he loves the water!

August 17, 2008


brad had the night off today so we decided to get out of the house and go do something with cole. brad decided we should go hiking. i couldn't find my sneakers, but he assured me that the trail was so easy flip flops would be fine. why do i ever trust him!?!? brad ended up taking us way off of the trail so we could climb down the mountain and see a waterfall. going down wasn't bad, the waterfall was beautiful, but getting back up was awful. flip flops give no traction at all! i ended up climbing back up barefoot, while maggie led the way for me and cole screamed mama from the top of the mountain. it wasn't a bad idea for the day, but i will never go in flip flops again!

August 16, 2008


mr. nosey loves to stare out the windows and front door now. he especially likes to see big kids walk by or go by on their bikes. our mailman always takes a second to say hi to him if he sees him peeking over the door to him and cole always has an ear full for him now.

August 14, 2008


cole has really been into his books lately. he has been taking them off of the toy shelves before anything else. he turns the pages and talks, as if he is reading the book to us. he also loves to kiss his books.
today he also picked up my cell phone and said hi. so now he will say mama, dada, and hi.

August 08, 2008


cole saw his first rainbow today!


yesterday at the discovery center almost each section had hats. of course we had to put cole in as many as we could! there isn't anything much cuter. however, now cole thinks hats are just fun to take off!

August 07, 2008

brad had off today so we decided to take cole to the discovery center. even though cole is still so young he had a blast. we also had a great time watching him enjoy all the things he was able to see and do.
cole loved playing peek a boo with the gnomes.

here he is getting down with the drum!

this room was set up as a post office. he was able to sit right in the post office carts and play with all kinds of hats and papers.
they also have a great garden outdoors filled with stuff to do. this chair was huge and he thought it was a lot of fun to crawl around on it.

cole loves to see himself in the mirror, but he got even more excited to see his daddy in the mirror with him.
here they are making a bubble form around them. cole loved the huge bubble and kept popping it when he could finally reach it.
he loved the hot air balloon!
here is is flying a fighter jet. his daddy actually used to work on the parts for this exact plane when we were still in georgia.

August 05, 2008

toilet paper fun

this is how sweet my son looks when he is asleep.

this is how he looks when i try to brush my teeth!

August 03, 2008

10 months

likes: playing with balls, swimming, the song "in the jungle", listening to the bands at the park, puppet shows, new car buggy, pulling up on everything, opening and closing doors, food, ella, daddy, feeding himself, drinking from his sippy cup, feeding maggie, books, sesame street, blues clues, playing peek a boo.

dislikes: not being able to touch the blue button on daddy's computer, people eating in front of him and not sharing, not being able to drink out of maggie's water dish, teething, when momma doesn't make his pancakes quick enough.