September 28, 2007

39 week update

i am officially 39 weeks along now. yesterday we went for an ultrasound to check bean's size. he measured in the above 90th % of babies, at 9.5 lbs! the ultrasound tech assured us that it could be off up to 1lb though.
today we met with the doctor for our weekly appointment. i still have no progress. my body just wants to keep him inside apparently. the doctor was very concerned with bean's size. we discussed the options and decided the safest option with the least chance for problems is a c-section. with his size and my gestational diabetes there are too many concerns with inducing labor.
so i am scheduled to have bean on wednesday october 3. i guess i will be having an october baby afterall! i really wish we could have had it done sooner though. i have 5 days to wait, which im worried will just allow me to build more anxiety about the c-section.
i can not wait to meet our little boy though. we are all ready here at the house and are both just excited about him finally coming!

September 24, 2007

nursery pictures

bean's room is all done and ready for him now. it is easily my favorite room in our house. here are some quick pictures i took to share:

September 21, 2007

38 week appointment

today was my 38 week appointment. i left frustrated! i have had a headache for over a week now, but my blood pressure is good so they aren't sure whats causing it. my sugars have been excellent the past two weeks but i somehow managed to gain 4 lbs in a week. how does that happen? when my sugars were bad i wasn't gaining. in fact between week 24 - 37 i had gained maybe 3 lbs. the non-stress test went well. bean's heart rate is great and he's as active as always. the doctor checked me for progress, but i have none. my body is not getting ready yet. its frustrates me because i have become so uncomfortable the past two weeks. plus they keep telling he's so big. the doctor is sending me for another ultrasound next week to check his size because he says in his opinion bean is already 8 lbs. so as much as i was looking foward to todays appointment, nothing came of it!

September 11, 2007

24 days to go

i have 24 days to bean is due. it's so exciting but starting to get scary at the same time. i have all of these worries now about if we have everything we need or if we will know what to do with him. i am sure we will figure it out, i think it's just the anxiety and the excitment mixing. i had a baby shower in jersey this past weekend. it was so much fun. that was my last trip to jersey without a baby though. kind of weird!
here are some pics of me at the shower. i am 36 weeks pregnant.

September 06, 2007

braxton hicks

yesterday i started to have some pretty uncomfortable cramping combined with sharp shooting pains. i called the doctor after awhile and they had me come in. they warned me the doctor was already behind so there would be a long wait. brad decided to stay home because it was time for him to go to bed. plus the hospital (which is where the doctor is) is only two blocks away so if it was something serious i could just call him. no biggie.
so i go and they monitor me and examine me. they decided it was just bad braxton hicks contractions. they told me everything looked good and sounded great, but if i got more than 6 in a hour to go to the emergency room. they sent me home with the advice they always love to give me, "put your feet up, rest more, and drink lots".
i came home and got myself comfy on the couch with a movie. about a hour later i hear brad running around above me. i heard him running back and forth between the attic, office, and bedroom. i assumed he forgot to do something on the computer and had to turn on the electric (which was off in certian rooms since he had been working on it before bed). finally his footsteps calm down and then my cell phone rings.
i answer the phone and its him. he's freaking out asking if im ok and apologizing that since the electric was off, so was the phone. i tell him to come downstairs. he charges down the stairs and can't believe i am home. he had a dream the baby was coming and he was going to miss it. it woke him up and he was running all over trying to get the phone on (we have digital phone) because he was afraid i had called but couldnt get through to him.
i told him all he should have done was yelled my name to see if i was home or even look out the window to see if the yukon was back. the good thing from all of this is he swears the phone will not be turned off anymore and he even found his cell phone and put it on to charge after not having it for 3 months!
if this is any clue of how the day i go into labor will be, i think i will have to be the one to remain calm. after 4 years of military training he still can not handle stressful or emergency situations.
but he's my hubby and it's just one of the reasons i have to love him!

September 05, 2007

30 days....

my due date is in 30 days! thats coming so soon, but at the same time feels so far away. i decided that starting a blog to keep everyone we know up to date on us and the baby. i hope this works out great for everyone and i will try my best to keep it current once the baby comes.