September 27, 2008

ella's party

today was ella's birthday party. cole partied hard! he had a blast. he skipped his afternoon nap and was still a happy boy after being there for 5 hours! he crawled all over and talked to everyone. he even had his first pony ride! the helmet was abit big and kept falling down so he couldn't see but he didn't seem to mind. the party was a hit and i just hope he is in such a great mood for his own next week!

September 23, 2008


i initially thought i could be super mom and make cole's halloween costume. i was so sure of it i went out bought a patter and fabric. then i came home and opened the pattern. that's about as far as i got! i am no seamstress that is for sure.
so this past weekend i found two costumes, a lion and a monster. i bought them and tried them out. i am pretty sure cole will be a monster! what do you think?

September 20, 2008

philly peeps

we spent the whole weekend in philly with jolene and john. they were nice enough to have us for two nights. cole had a fun time exploring there place and testing out all of the non-baby proof areas. jolene and i took the oppurtunity during a nap to go do some shopping. it was great to shop without cole! while we were gone cole woke up and brad took him for a walk. they found some garage sales and came back with this rocking pooh. it has quickly become a favorite!

September 19, 2008

philly zoo!

brad and i have been planning a trip to take cole to the philly zoo for his first birthday for a long time! the time finally came and it was such a great time for us. cole loves to go to our local zoo but this trip was a lot more exciting. there was no doubt to us what cole was looking at because he would wave to the animals, point at them, and even clap for some of them. the weather was perfect, it wasn't crowded, and cole had a blast!

ooo naked moles!

our little monkey

here he is waving at the monkeys!

yay! he claps for tigers.

September 18, 2008

too fast

cole is growing up so fast! today the three of us went to lunch together. he was sitting in his chair and eating his lunch when some older ladies stopped to talk to him. when they were done they said bye to him, and he waved back and said bye-bye to them. brad and i were shocked. this past week has been a huge one for fun stuff with him. he started saying hi and waving, clapping, and now waving and saying bye bye.

September 12, 2008

grovedale winery!

tonight was a very special night for uncle jeff and auntie kim! tonight was friends and family night to mark the opening of the winery. it's been a lot of work, but it has turned out amazing! they are baby friendly too!

September 11, 2008

busy busy

if you haven't noticed yet we have been behind for a little while now. we have been so busy that i haven't been able to keep up! in the past week we have been with baby friends, running errands, cleaning the house, visiting with auntie liz and cousin clare, and down in wyalusing to help with the winery. cole has enjoyed some time with his cousin as well as playing the piano! as you can see he is really on the go now adays!

September 10, 2008


today we went apple and pear picking with our baby friends! it was a really good time. cole enjoyed it more then i thought he would that is for sure. he thought it was so funny when we would pick and apple or a pear off the tree, it would make him crack up!

cole has learned to clap and was so excited by the pears that he began to clap with them!

we caught him eating the apples here!

September 05, 2008

mr. silly

cole has really become quite entertaining! he LOVES to talk on the phone. he now pretends anything and everything is a phone now, picks it up to his ear, and says hello. he also loves to read his books. he turns the pages and tells me a story, it doesn't matter if the book is right side up or not, it is always a great story! the last pictures are of him on his new toy that we found when we were in nj at the flea market. it's a reading table and he loves it. it has a music mode which he really enjoys and dances while he sits in his chair.

September 03, 2008

11 months

cole turned eleven months today! i can not believe he is almost a year old. it has been amazing to watch him learn and grow so much and so fast. i am truly very lucky to be able to stay home with him each day.

likes: using anything to pretend it is a phone, stroller car, reading chair toy, holding on to things and walking, daddy, watching the neighbor boys, sippy cups, saying hiya,

dislikes: the word "no", whole milk, when daddy goes to bed, waiting for his food, eating something different then us,