March 03, 2010

big boy underwear

today cole decided he wanted to wear his big boy underwear! he used the potty multiple times, maybe hes getting ready!

March 02, 2010

mr. cole

i've been trying to make sure each day to find some time for one on one time for cole. hes done such an amazing job with adjusting to olivia. he really is enjoying some one on one time with brad and me. he's become such a big boy and such a sweetie.

February 26, 2010

1 month!

of course these first four weeks have flown by!! our little girl is a month old already. luckily, her reflux is getting better with the medicine, so we are even getting some sleep. she does a good job holding her head up. she just adores cole though! she watches him and is so alert when she is awake.

here is cole at 1 month old! what do you think? do they look alike?

February 25, 2010

snow days

since cole's cuosins were in town and there was a snow storm coming we decided to go get snowed in with them in dushore. one house + four kids = insanity!! cole had a blast though. olivia is having a really rough time in the evenings. she's having screaming fits that last hours. i spoke to the doctor over the phone and they think it is reflux so hopefully the medicine will help her out! she took the time though to enjoy her first snow!!

February 23, 2010


cole really loves olivia. hes being a great big brother.

February 19, 2010


sweet sleeping little girl...

February 18, 2010

bath time

cole wanted to help give olivia her bath today. at first i was worried how it would go but he did great. he helped wash her and rinse her and refrained from all the splashing he normally does. after the bath he helped dry her and even gave her some kisses!